Non Profit Fundraising in the New York, NY Area

Nonprofits that are located in this area understand that the acquisition of capital must come from organizing events that are designed to fund their programs. One of the best events for this fundraising purpose is proficiently operated Casino Nights. Casino Nights are the premiere organizer in the corporate casino fundraising market. Companies can eliminate the man-hours consumed and hassle involved in organizing these events by outsourcing their efforts to a company that is exceedingly adept at providing elegant occasions unlike any volunteer office group could possibly offer.

Our repertoire includes craps, roulette, poker, blackjack and onsite slot machines, and our versatility and capacity can expound from unforgettable bachelor parties to major events. Our events are preeminent in the area because your philanthropic efforts deserve to not be boring and lifeless. These should be events that leave lasting memories for the party guests or the patrons of the major events. This memorable experience sets the tone for the entire fundraising event.

Anyone Can Benefit

Our company credo is that we are beneficial to every level of fundraising events. Because our events facilitate networking through entertaining events and promotions, the philanthropic capacity of the donors is easily maximized. Our complete package of events are designed to place various levels of individual, corporate, government, and foundation donors in a sentiment to donate freely and receive the appropriate accolades for their substantial donations.

Casino Nights is the most singularly dominant mobile solution for corporate clientele and non-profit special event planning and hosting. We specialize in giving our clients the authentic casino experience that is indicative of globally premier casinos like those in Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo. We provide a full service event with professional table dealers, live bands, dancers, magicians, seasoned bartenders and refined cat6ering. We also feature multi-genre DJs and other entertainment options upon request.


We invite you to our enchanted casino services incumbent of our highest profile clientele. We provide the upscale atmosphere to any event that we produce. This atmosphere produces the appropriate donors in order to develop the fundraising goals that are necessary for your current and future endeavors. These donors deserve as respect and consideration the appropriate setting indicative of their philanthropic efforts.

This experience will also return the organization a more than significant return on investment or ROI each and every time that they retain our services. We provide the platform to outstrip your fundraising goals in style and class. Contact us for your casino fundraiser, casino parties and details on affordable packages.

Our Clients

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