Casino Events and Casino Party Services in NY

If you are looking for as casino events throughout the greater New York NY area, all you need to do is take advantage of our experts here. We can provide you with all of the latest information regarding popular parties and other fundraising events that are taking place right in your back yard. After all, it can be difficult to stay up on casino parties and everything else taking place with your busy lifestyle, which is why you need to look towards us for all of your poker and blackjack needs.

Of course, if you are looking to put on an event yourself, all you need to do is look right here. Our company has all of the necessary experience and tools to put on the very best event for your needs. We bring the dealers and games. We bring the entertainment, the DJs, the dance floor and everything else you might want. After all, whether you are raiding money for charity or you just want to make sure everyone has a great time, our Las Vegas style event is going to keep people talking about your party for a long time to come. As long as you have the location booked, we can set up the casino parties for everyone that is going to be there.

Any kind of occasion

The thing about casino events is that you can take advantage of these gatherings for any kind of occasion. it does not matter if it is designed for your business fundraiser or if you want to raise money for a set charity. Perhaps it is just for a holiday party or you want to put on something all different that nobody else has ever experienced before. No matter what you want or what kind of party you are going after, this is what you want it to be and we have the experience to bring it al together. Our business works with city managers, charitable organizations, presidents of local and national clubs and everyone else you might think of. In fact, some of our latest list of clients include Bank of the West, Logix, Carnival, Exxon Mobil, Wood Forest and Chevron, just to name a few.


Casino parties give you the ability to create a cozy get together, so people can come in out of the cold and have some fun. Your employees are sure to have fun and all of your clients are going to be truly impressed.

Our Clients

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